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 UPS ZLPOWER Double Convertion True-Online-Internal Battery ( P/No: EX1K)
UPS ZLPOWER Double Convertion True-Online-Internal Battery ( P/No: EX1K)
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UPS ZLPOWER-Double Convertion True-Online-Internal Battery ( P/No: EX3K)
UPS ZLPOWER-Double Convertion True-Online-Internal Battery ( P/No: EX3K)
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UPS ZLPOWER Double Convertion True-Online  10000VA, Option External Battery ( P/No: EX10KL)
UPS ZLPOWER Double Convertion True-Online 10000VA, Option External Battery ( P/No: EX10KL)
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UPS ZLPOWER Double Convertion True-Online  10000VA, Internal Battery ( P/No: EX10K)
UPS ZLPOWER Double Convertion True-Online 10000VA, Internal Battery ( P/No: EX10K)
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Hướng dẫn sử dụng UPS ZLPOWER 1000VA

Hướng dẫn sử dụng UPS ZLPOWER 650VA

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Thank you for purchasing our intelligent off-line UPS. Please read this manual before using the UPS.

Safety instructions

Safe operation 

  1. Read the “safety instructions” carefully before operating this product and preserve this manual properly.
  2. Remember all the warning symbols and operate the UPS according to the instructions.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight and do not use the UPS in raining or moist environment.
  4. This equipment can not be installed close to heat source such as electric warming oven or furnace.
  5. Keep safe space to place the UPS and provide good ventilation. Follow the instructions of this manual to install the UPS.
  6. Use dry cloth to clean the UPS if needed.
  7. Use dry powder extinguisher if in fire. Using liquid extinguisher may result electric shock.

Electrical safety

  1. Make sure the UPS is correctly connected to Earth for personnel safety and the regular use the UPS.
  2. This equipment is designed for computer and network device. It’s not recommended to use this product in life support system or other special critical device.
  3. Do not use the UPS with excess load.
  4. The length of the UPS output line should be less than 10m to meet the requirements of EMC.

Battery safety

  1. Do not expose the battery in fire to avoid explosion and personnel hurt.
  2. Non-professional person is not allowed to open or damage the battery. Dangerous substances such as strong acid contained in battery electrolyte are harmful to skin and eyes. Use abundant clean water to wash it immediately if get contact with electrolyte and to go hospital for further check.


Installation instructions

(1) Installation notice


  1. Open the package you will find: ·A UPS ·A user manual
  2. Check for any transit damage on the unit. Save the packing and in case of transit damage contact the insurance company or the distributor.
  3. Place the UPS in proper area with good ventilation and keep it far away form water, flammable gas or corrosive agent.
  4. Keep the environmental temperature of UPS in the range of 0℃~ 40℃.


Placement of the UPS


Leave at least 2.5cm clearance all around the UPS to provide adequate ventilation.






(2) Appearance




Note: The picture is just for reference, please refer to the real object!


(3) Installation instructions and operation




  1. Place the UPS in a proper area.
  2. Connect the equipment to the UPS outlets.

☆Do not connect a surge suppressor, or extension cord to the UPS outlet.

☆Do not connect a Laser Printer or any non-computer equipments to UPS outlets.

  1. Connect the UPS input line to AC socket (Make sure L 、 N and protective Earth are correctly connected).
  2. Press the UPS switch down, UPS provide stable output voltage when mains or battery is ok.
  3. You can start computer and other equipments.
  4. In case of mains failure or exceeding the range, the UPS transfers to battery mode. The yellow led flashes and the buzzer beeps, please shutdown the UPS and other device timely. The UPS will auto restart when the mains recovers if the UPS is shutdown for battery low.
  5. Press the switch down to shut down the UPS if needed.
  6. This series product supports unattended operation. The UPS will auto restart when the mains recovers if the UPS is shutdown for battery low or remote shutdown.


Description of buzzer and LED:












No mains input and the UPS is off.


Green LED on




Mains input normal and UPS operates in line mode.


Green LED flashes




Mains input normal, and UPS is power off and charging.


Yellow LED flashes

Beep once every 4 sec



Mains input abnormal and UPS is powered by battery.

Mains input abnormal

Yellow LED flashes

Beep once every 1 sec



Mains input abnormal and UPS is powered by battery. The battery voltage is low and the UPS is going to shutdown.

Mains input abnormal

Red LED on

Beep continuously



UPS has fault such as overload, short-circuited or other faults.







UPS uses valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. They reach to their life expectancy just by being charged.


The UPS will charge the battery when main’s input is available. (This series product supports shut-down charge function. )


Note: High temperature will shorten the life time of battery. The performance of battery will deteriorates even it’s not used. The battery’s performance worsens sharply when close to its life expectancy.


How to check the battery:


  1. Connect the mains input and charge the battery more than 8 hours.
  2. Switch on the UPS and connect loads, remember to record the load power.
  3. Remove the mains input, the UPS transfers to battery mode. Record the discharge time until UPS shuts down.




Note: The load capacity is calculated in watt.


If only VA value is listed in the load’s nameplate, load power(W) = VA*PF(The default value is 0.6 if not specified).

If only rated current VA value is listed in the load’s nameplate, VA value = I * V (V is the rated voltage), then transfer the VA value to watt as listed above.



If the battery is damaged (For example: Battery discharge time decrease sharply), change the battery timely. The new battery should have the same specification with the old one.


Warning: Do not open the battery to avoid getting hurt by the battery electrolyte



Technical specification






1000VA / 600W

Intput voltage range

220Vac/ 230Vac/240Vac

Load type

Personal computer and other PC peripheral devices

Mains voltage range


Mains frequency range

50Hz or 60Hz ( Auto  sensing)

Output voltage range

220Vac/ 230Vac/240Vac ± 10%

Output voltage range

(battery mode) 220Vac/ 230Vac/240Vac  ± 10%

Output frequency range

(battery mode) (50/60) ±10%

Outlet jack

Multi Universal

Waveform (Batt.mode)

Simulated sine wave

Battery protection

Auto protection. The UPS auto shutdown when battery voltage is low or high.

Battery charging time

8 hours to 90% of capacity full load discharge

Battery  Type

Sealed free maintenance lead acid battery

Battery Capacity

12V/7AH *2 pcs

Back-up time

12 minutes at haft load                                   

06 minutes at full load


Line Input Mode: 90%

Full Protection

Short circuit, Over load, Battery Low Voltage protection and off-mode charging

Overload protection

Line mode: 120% +/- 15% warning for 5 min. 

then output cut off

Battery mode: 120% ±15%  warning for 10 Sec.      then output cut off


Auto adjust: Green lighting: AC mode

Battery Discharge: Red lighting: Battery mode


Battery discharge:Alarm Beeping sound every four seconds after utility power fails

Low battery voltage:Every second if the battery approaches final discharge

Fault: Continuous beeping sound

Operating temperature

0℃~ 40℃

Storage temperature

-15℃~ 50℃

Operating Humidity

20%~90% , Non-condensing

Audible Noise


Communication interface

Intelligent RS-232/USB (Optional)

Network protection

RJ45/11 surge protector (Optional)




* Initial value of new batteries. It changes with environment and discharge times.


Note: The specification listed above is subject to change without notice.



Trouble shooting


The trouble shooting chart covers most of the difficulties that you may encounter under normal working conditions. If the UPS fails to operate properly, please review the following steps before calling the service center.




Possible cause and actions to take

UPS can not transfer to Line mode. Power on UPS, yellow led flashes and the buzzer beeps at intervals

Is the mains input loose? If so change reliable socket. Is the mains input voltage in the normal range?

No output voltage in bat mode. When the mains input fails, the UPS shuts down.

Is the battery damaged or correctly connected? When mains input is normal, charge the battery at least 8 hours. If the phenomenon reoccurs, maybe the battery is damaged or the charger is out of work. Contact your dealer or us.

Yellow led flashes and the buzzer beeps.

Battery voltage is very low. Charge the battery at least 8 hours when mains input is normal.

Red led on and the buzzer beeps continuously

Is the UPS overloaded? Check the load capacity and remove some unimportant load. Rule out the short-circuited possibility. If the phenomenon reoccurs, contact your dealer or us.





We warrant this product to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. If a product has fault, contact your dealer or us.


What the warranty does not cover:


★Any damage of the product due to man-made fault or warranty expired.

★ Serial number has been defaced, modified or removed.

★ Damaged due to irresistible cause.

★ Accident, misuse, neglect, or repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized person.

★ Use the UPS with overload frequently.

★ Violate the operation instructions.



Storage of UPS


Connect the mains input to charge the UPS at least 4-5 hours before storing the UPS. Cut the mains input, shutdown the UPS and put it at cool and dry area. If you are going to store the UPS at long time, you should charge the UPS at intervals.


Storage temperature

Charge interval

Charge time

Fahrenheit 5 to 86 degree (Celsius -15 to 30 degree)

Every 6 months

8 hrs

Fahrenheit 86 to 113 degree (Celsius 30 to 45 degree)

Every 3 months

8 hrs


Notes: The model and specification listed in this manual may slightly differ from your actual order.



















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